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Get Involved...

Our campaign is driven by volunteers - local members and supporters  - who devote their time and energy to ensuring that the thousands of Chorley & South Ribble residents who need a Labour MP and a strong local Labour team aren't let down at the next election.

Our volunteers come from all walks of life and all ages: members and non-members.

We've a range of activities to suit your particular skills and interests, such as:

* Talking to residents face-to-face or on the phone

* Delivering a few leaflets and newspapers

* Helping with administrative tasks

* Maintaining our website and entering data

* Organising meetings and events

* By driving less mobile voters to the polls on election day

* Taking numbers from voters at the Polling Station on election day

We're always looking for more volunteers and supporters. If you have some time you can devote to our campaign we'd love to hear from you.

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